iCloud unlock with itunes

The best solution will always be the one that gives us the official support of the creative company of our mobile, tablet, watch.
apple gives us from its website the following link: support.apple.com/kb/ts4515
The unlocking of iCloud through iTunes is one of the recommendations that we will be publishing at this time, for this method the device has had to be synchronized with iTunes for some time.

In this method, the iTunes backup will be used to restore your iPhone, once the device has been unlocked. As we have already discussed, this process would result in data loss and you must reconfigure the configuration of your device after unlocking it.

Here is the detailed guide on how to unlock the iPhone with iTunes.

• Update your iTunes to the latest version and then start it as soon as possible on your computer.

• Once iTunes is working, connect your iPhone through a lighting cable.

• Choose the device icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes interface.

• Click on ‘Summary’ later and then press ‘Restore iPhone’. To confirm your selection, press the ‘Restore’ button again.

• iTunes will erase your device while installing the latest version of iOS and restore your iPhone to its factory settings.

• All you need is to reconfigure the iPhone as new after restarting it.

It is very easy to do it without having to resort to other sources, many users do not know that they have the solution to unlock iCloud in their hands, the disadvantage is that the information registered in the Apple device will be erased.

You can use this method with any version of iPhone, iPad, iPod and all iOS, since all you need is synchronization with iTunes.

I forgot my icloud password and security questions and email

If you are in this situation, without remembering your ID, password and validation email for recovery. The solutions that you have left are very few. The first step is to obtain a sales invoice where you can verify that the equipment is your property.
If you do not have any of the above, you can search the Internet for a paid service or continue reading and see the free solutions we have tried.