iCloud Bypass Tool v3.1 activation lock

If you forget Apple ID or password, your iCloud is most likely locked, to remedy this problem has become very common there are different methods and free tools to unlock iCloud, one of these methods is by default.

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Download iCloud Bypass Tool v3.1

You get the installation files of this tool from the unlocking server, available 24/7 for free download.

This tool is an updated 2020 version of the iCloud Unlocking Tool, which allows us to bypass iCloud activation lock by disabling the “Find My iPhone” feature.

Currently to remove iCloud activation lock on iPhone, the iCloud Bypass Tool is one of the best alternatives. To find out how to use it and how you can download the free full version of this program, we have created this informative publication. Data backup service and virtual server hosting create a direct download to the tool.

How iCloud Bypass Tool v3.1 works

  • Download the installation files from the unlocking server
  • Install the software on a PC
  • Check the IMEI to verify the type of lock.
  • Connect the device to the PC with original USB cable.
  • The device automatically goes into DFU mode.
  • Click on “iCloud Unlock”.
  • Wait 2 – 5 minutes while the software does its job.
  • Immediately the iDevice restarts.
  • Finally, the iCloud account is unlocked.

This type of iCloud unlock is done directly between software and device.

Bypass iCloud activation lock

The process to bypass the lock screen that is presented on the iPhone, iPad and iPod, is very simple to do. The safest way to bypass iCloud lock is to change the DNS on your device, there are a number of steps to make this change.

Steps to bypass iCloud activation lock

  • Check the IMEI (the IMEI number can be seen by dialing *#06#)
  • Turn on the WIFI.
  • From this point on, enter the icon shaped like an “I”.
  • You will see the corresponding IP numbers.
  • Now check the time zone and change the number to
  • Immediately the device will reboot and you will notice that you can manipulate all the functions of the iDevice.
  • Finally, the iCloud activation lock has been omitted.

The most impressive thing about this is that you can do it as many times as you want.

Using iCloud Bypass Tool v3.1

If you are stuck with a locked Apple device or blacklisted for iCloud activation, the iCloud Removal Bypass Service Deluxe software is the best solution for your problem. The most versatile software when it comes to removing your iPhone or iPad activation lock. iCloud Lock can hit anyone. Those who forgot their passwords, buyers of pre-owned phones who cannot communicate with the previous owner or users who were blacklisted by their provider for not paying their bill on time are all users who can benefit from the free software called iCloud Removal Bypass Service Deluxe.

How to install the software

  • After downloading, right click and select ‘Run as administrator
  • You are welcomed with the installation wizard. Click Next to continue
  • Make sure both boxes are checked if this is the first installation you are running and click ‘Next’.
  • The configuration wizard will confirm the path and the disk space used with you. Click Next to continue
  • Customize your settings or confirm the recommended settings and press ‘Next’.
  • Make sure the installation path is correct and continue by clicking ‘Install’.
  • Now wait for the software to be installed. This may take a few minutes.