How to use Doulci Activator full

Doulci tutorial

How to use the complete Doulci activator.

This software has the ability to bypass the activation lock. Steps:

1. Open an official URL on your PC, follow the instructions provided by the website. The process performs an online validation and copies the user on the official servers in the following route:
Mac / private / etc / hosts user

2. The IP address is automatically modified, replacing it with one of the following IP addresses where your device is being validated:

• 170.72.61
• 226.251.76
• 25.246.35
• 253.154.177
• 214.255.246
• 247.122.170

3. Turn off the device and then go to block the activation.

4. Connect the device to iTunes. There should be a pop-up window that says:

• The server you are trying to connect to is not trusted.
• Click on “yes”
• Another error should come out
• Disconnect the device

5. After a few seconds, reconnect the device to iTunes.

In this way, you can omit the activation lock of iCloud, since the parameters established in the device have been modified, the equipment will continue with the factory parameters, this service is the best we have tested, Doulci Activator Full has the advantage, That is compatible with different Apple.

Note: The cable to which the device is connected must be original; otherwise, the procedure may be incomplete and your device will have errors in the functionality of your applications.