Help my icloud is locked

If you are reading this website it is because you have been presented with the problem of iCloud locked on your Apple device, a very common problem when obtaining an already used device, or in other cases, forgetting the password, here we will give you the best information. Solutions for these disadvantages in the simplest way.
First of all the support of the company offers us the option to recover our password in case of forgetting. in the official website we can see the option that we have forgotten the password, just a click and we will ask security questions and we are sent an email to complete the recovery.
If you do not remember the questions or the mail to recover apple, I will not be able to help you via web.
you have as an alternative to go to an authorized store of the brand and present the purchase invoice of the device, this to guarantee that you are the legitimate owner.
If you do not have any of the official alternatives, do not worry, we will provide you with the information based on our experience.
There are many methods and tools throughout the Web, which can be downloaded for free or online without complications, but are very effective in unlocking the Apple account; some of them only need the IMEI or the serial number of the device, one of these methods in the omission of locking the activation of iCloud, this is the function that blocks the ID of Apple that leaves the device in “lost mode”, when these cases arise.

To make this omission online, you need the indicated software, and follow the steps indicated, you should only have the IMEI at hand, and the rest is done by the application:

Enter the serial number or IMEI and the model of the device on the Web.

• Wait while checking the type of iCloud lock that is presented.
• Click on unlock iCloud.
• Wait while a new IMEI is generated.
• The device must be restarted.
• When it is turned on completely, it will ask you to create a new Apple ID.

This indicated method makes this omission through IMEI or serial number, there are other ways, this is one of the simplest, it has been verified that when doing this method, the omission is permanent, since you will see that it is very easy to unlock Apple . Due to any iDevice, this is just one way to do it, but there are many.

These tools or methods, whether installed on a PC or online, 99% are compatible with all versions of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch, in addition to all iOS, from the first to the last update.

If you get the software to install them, do not worry because there is no problem in the execution of the different operating systems that exist:

• Windows
• Mac
• Linux

In addition to unlocking iCloud, part of this software has the function of releasing the IMEI from Apple’s blacklist, and using the different networks offered by the telephone companies, be it Vodafone, Claro, Movistar, at & t, Orange, MetroPcs and many more.