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ServerApple provides support, tutorials and files, which allow the unlocking of iCloud 100%.
These files are available for download on our servers:

*SERVER VPS ONLINE 24/7 (file 1)

*SUPPORT 24/7 VPS SERVER (file 2)


Our VPS server runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to follow the unlock method we will download the ServerApple IP and then copy and paste into host.

  1. 1.modify the Windows file “hosts”. This is in the path “C: // Windows / System32 / drivers /
  2. 2.We have several ways to open, if we are the computer administrator, simply double-click it and when the box to choose how we want to run it appears, select “Notepad”
  3. By virtue of what is already written, copy and paste the IP that gives us ServerApple.Com
  4. Save the hosts’ canbios and open iTunes.
  5. We connect the iPad iPod and iTunes IPhone will show some errors of certificates, we give Ok and automatically the device to move the screen towards iCloud activation.
  6. 6.Probably see the computer unlocked for a few seconds, and maybe we were left on the activation screen again. This is the famous “BOOP BOOT”

There is a method to remove the boot loop, which I will explain below:

New utility – icloud referral In case you have lost your iCloud!
The ServerApple team has its latest unlocking tool – iCloud Activator. Just by downloading a tool, connecting your smartphone or tablet and pressing only a button unlocks the iCloud of the Apple device. This program has two versions for Windows and Mac OS X, and is compatible with all Apple devices.

The iCloud unlocking tools are available on the following download platforms completely free.
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